Terrace Lofts

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Built in the mid 1900's this three-story building has been a symbol of downtown St. Louis's pride and entrepreneurship. Originally built as the world headquarters for the 7up company, this new downtown St. Louis lofts apartment building has many stories to tell about the bustling 50's as pertaining to St. Louis. The architecture is unique to its era, and lends itself nicely to be comparitively inexpensive lofts in downtown Saint Louis. This downtown loft apartment building is approximately 55,000 square feet on the upper three floors, with a basement under two-thirds of the floor plate. These lofts in the St. Louis's Loft District were built in two separate sections, with two-thirds built in concrete, and one-third built with timber and red brick. The building is shaped like a "U", with a large pool and landscaped courtyard in the center. The building has windows that circle the entire structure at each floor. This Saint Louis Loft building is unique to the area because it was one of the first structures built for the sole use as offices in St. Louis, as the original 7Up world headquarters.

The revitalization of downtown St. Louis has taken people in many different directions, from the Landing all the way to Grand Center. Since the resurgence of this downtown St. Louis area, the blocks between Tucker and 14th along Washington Avenue have been designated as the 'Heart of the Loft District'. Terrace is just steps from Washington. This area has quickly become one of the fastest growing areas in the region and still continues to be the most exciting part of downtown St. Louis, and the most entertaining area to live in the region. The Loft District proudly advertises the ease of living in the area with a variety of restaurants, dry cleaners, galleries, exercise facilities, parks, retail stores, entertainment, grocery shopping, sporting venues, along with easy access to every major highway.  Come see what we have to offer!